• 2021 Exhibitions


    I'm selling paintings and prints on Saatchi:

    Virtual exhibition for Artruck

    Art of Water V
    James May Gallery, Milwaukee, WI May-June 2021

    Evanston Made 2021, Evanston Art Center
    May 28 - June 30

    Creative Coworking
    922 Davis St., Evanston, IL 60602

  • Kristen Neveu

    Kristen Neveu paints to clear her head and calm anxiety.

    A life-long artist, she grew up in Indiana and Iowa in a musical family, and she sang and played piano and clarinet. Music and art provides solace for her in a changing world. After graduating from The University of Iowa, Neveu has worked and lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Evanston. She currently lives in Lake County near nature.

    Her paintings are intuitive layered combinations of paint, watercolor, oil pastel, pencil and paper. Americana, nostalgia, and tributes to nature are threaded into the work, creating patterned abstract storybooks reminiscent of
    maps and the flow of musical patterns.

    Selected gallery exhibitions include James May Gallery, Evanston Made, The Saw Room @ The Alley Gallery, Swell Gallery, Polvo, Adventureland Gallery, Judith Racht Gallery, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Barnsdall Art Gallery, and Woman Made Gallery. She also loves to exhibit at everyday locations and businesses so communities can experience her paintings in their daily lives.