Stronger - 
Part of Exhibition at Uncommon Ground, Chicago, IL, Jan. 2015

Exhibition News

One State Together in the Arts Conference
One of my paintings, "Magnolia Winter" was selected for the exhibit at the conference, Sept. 28-29

It's back!
Sat., Oct. 10, 7-10
See exhibition of art in Evanston all on a UHaul truck
Ashland & Florence Ave.

Gallery 1501
August 1-November 1
Des Plaines Public Library
1501 Ellinwood St.
Des Plaines, IL 60016

A Bit About My Artwork

I combine multiple artistic mediums by experimenting with salvaged materials such as recycled vintage magazines, strips of worn wood and torn photo fragments.
Much like a cultural anthropologist, I sift through layers of repetitive shapes and gradations of material in order to reflect the passage of time. My paintings then evolve into detailed and textured storybooks that embody a yearning for the past, an image-based connection to the present and bold flashes of possible future worlds.